“There is so much fascination with technology innovation, but so much fear when it comes to management innovation. There are however many companies openly admitting that they have no competitive advantage in what they produce and sell. They find it in the way they lead and manage” — Bjarte Bogsnes

Effective Feedback — when and how to

Giving constructive feedback to the people you manage is often one of the more uncomfortable tasks you face as a tech leader and yet it’s one of the most important leadership skills to get right.

Pitch it badly and you could be suffering some severe consequences.
Too soft and you might…

Tips for effective hiring in tech

Whether we like it or not, part of being a technical leader is mastering the time-consuming, and sometimes painful recruiting and hiring process.

To be successful as a technical leader you need an exceptional technical team but the good news as a leader, is that you own the responsibility to…

Negative Face and how negativity affects team dynamics

It’s a remarkable human foible that we can spot the 1 negative person in 100 smiling faces.

Anyone who has performed on stage or delivered a presentation will recognise the sensation of spotting that face in the crowd who looks far from impressed or engaged with what you’re saying.


“Success is stumbling from failure to failure without any loss of enthusiasm” — Winston Churchill

It’s always easy to see people at the top of their tech career or sporting discipline, where they make success look “relatively” straight forward, and presume it’s been a gilded path to the top but…

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